Tell your State Senator and Representative to stop the attack on teachers


On Thursday, November 13th, the House Education Committee accepted an amendment to House Bill 343 that would eliminate minimum teacher salaries in Ohio law, as well as the school employee and teacher single salary schedule (requires equal base pay for individuals with same experience and training).  The amendment was accepted on a party line vote (all Democrats voting “No”).

The same amendment language was previously passed by the House in the last state budget bill (HB 59), but was removed by the Senate.  The House is now giving it a second try.  House Bill 343 is expected to be passed by the House and sent to the Senate before the end of the year.  Ohio’s educators need to stop this harmful provision again.  We need your help to do the following:

  • Urge legislators to keep the single salary schedule requirement for public school employees and teachers, which prevents unfair and arbitrary differences in pay.
  • In addition, urge legislators to keep the state minimum salary schedule for teachers, which will help to ensure the competitive salaries that recruit and retain high quality educators.

Click here to send letters to your State Representative and State Senator.

We give scholarships for college seniors


CEA knows that college is becoming increasingly expensive. That’s why your Association has helped to make college more affordable by awarding nearly a thousand scholarships to our members’ children each year since 1995. During the past 18 years, CEA has helped 817 members’ children so far with support amounting to more than $498,000. The CEA Members’ Scholarship Fund will award $1,000 grants for our members’ children this year. Ten dollars of each member’s dues supports this fund which is handled and disbursed by The Columbus Foundation.

Scholarships are open to members’ children who are in their senior year of college. To qualify, the applicant must have at least a 2.0 GPA. Parents or guardians must have taught in the Columbus School District for four years prior to the application date and must be continuous CEA or CEA-R members. The deadline to apply for scholarships is Thursday, Oct. 31, at 5 p.m. Go to to download an application packet. If you have questions, please call Cora Miller at 253-4731.

This is just one example of the benefits of CEA membership. Only Association members are eligible.

The Reform Panel

Sometimes individual schools require changes to the Master Agreement or to Board Policy. On these occasions, they turn to the Reform Panel to make these changes called “variances.” This joint committee of administrators and CEA representatives, including the superintendent and CEA President Rhonda Johnson, meet each month to consider such requests.

Sometimes workplace variances are needed to accommodate the curriculum. At other times, some of us have ideas that we believe would improve instruction in our classroom or building. This process allows us to implement those ideas without violating or renegotiating our contract.

Here’s how it works: If you have an idea that isn’t provided by our Master Agreement or school board policy, fill out a variance form which asks you to explain the program’s expected outcomes and rationale for the change. Then present your idea to the Reform Panel. Your principal must sign the form, and two-thirds of your building peers must agree to the idea. Parent involvement in some matters (such as a school schedule or a uniform policy) also is essential.

For more information on the Reform Panel, consult Article 1503 of your contract.