PA schools to support neighborhood needs reported that Philadelphia city officials on Monday announced “nine schools that have been selected to receive extra money and support to create hubs for social, health, and other services in their neighborhoods as part of the new community schools initiative.” All nine schools were chosen “on the basis of poverty and risk factors in their neighborhoods”; five “are in police districts that had the highest number of shootings in 2014”; and four have more than 20 percent of their students learning to speak English. Mayor Jim Kenney “said the goal is to identify the specific needs of students, parents, and their communities, and then forge partnerships with private providers to offer the needed services in the schools.”

The levy: Two? Or One?

The Columbus Board of Education is working to shape a tax-increase rquest for the November ballot. Proposals set forth so far suggest an increase of between 17 and 22 percent. At issue is whether the tax should support operations, facilities maintenance as part of the district’s Master Plan, or both.

The district is poised to start work rebuilding 18 schools, and the central question is whether voters will support two separate issues.

A decision will come later this month.

Ohio math scores lowered

The Columbus Dispatch reported: The State Board of Education lowered scores needed to meet state standards on two high-school math tests because 40 percent of students are at risk of not graduating as the result of low scores. There has been heated debate about whether this change will hurt or benefit students. Read more here.