At 7:24 P.M. on Tuesday, Jul, 7, NEA President Dennis Van Roekel pounded the gavel, concluding the  2010 NEA Representative Assembly. Over the course of the past four days, more than 8,000 delegates (including 34 from the Columbus Education Association) debated more than 80 New Business Items (NBIs) received a wide variety of reports from NEA Officers and staff, voted on Bylaw Amendments, Constitutional Amendments and candidates for a variety of elected positions within NEA.

To learn more about the business of the 2010 Representative Assembly, click on the link below.

To watch NEA President Dennis Van Roekel’s Keynote Address to delegates, click here.

To view the disposition of the NBIs submitted to the NEA RA, click here.

To read the speech of the 2010 NEA Friend of Education Award winner Dr. Diane Ravitch, click here.

To read the speech of the 2010 NEA Teacher of the Year Sarah Brown Wessling, click here.

To view and download pictures taken during the RA, click here.

To read R@Today, the official blog of the Representative Assembly, click here.

To view the RA’s Facebook page, click here.

To view the RA’s Twitter account, click here.

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