The CEA Blog was created by the Columbus Education Association so that members, public education advocates and others can express opinions regarding or related to public education and labor issues. All comments that are submitted by readers must be approved by a moderator prior to it becoming public. We do ask that individuals choosing to post their comments keep the following points in mind.


Keep it honest.

Respect the opinions of others, especially if they disagree with you.

Treat others with dignity. It is very easy to hide behind a computer screen and forget that all of us have something in common. We choose to teach in Columbus because we care about the students of Columbus. We must lead by example.


Use derogatory or inflammatory language.

Post frivolous or non-constructive comments.

Identify colleagues, individual students or administrators in a libelous, slanderous or inappropriate manner.

If you fail to adhere to these posting guidelines, you will be banned from The CEA Blog.

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