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SM58 Speak Out by flickr user Brendan Biele.

SM58 Speak Out by flickr user Brendan Biele.

Speak Out

One of the most popular series of posts on The CEA Blog are our Speak Outs. These timely questions ask registered members to comment on national, state and local issues related to education and labor.

A complete list of all Speak Outs is available by clicking here; the Speak Out posts will be listed in chronological order, with the most recent Speak Out posts listed first. Members with ideas for future Speak Outs are encouraged to email Phil Hayes, CEA Electronic Outreach Coordinator, at phayes [at] ceaohio [dot] org.


600px-Iowa_614_svgTeaching In The 614

Members of CEA work tirelessly to prepare our students for the future. The CEA Blog is proud to host the ongoing series “Teaching in the 614”. Written by CEA members, it provides an insight into the personal victories and challenges our members experience on a daily basis, working with the students of Ohio’s largest urban school district.

If you are interested in writing for “Teaching In The 614″, email Phil Hayes, CEA Electronic Outreach Coordinator at phayes [at]

For to be taken to the “Teaching In The 614″ complete posting listing, please click here.

CEA Video

The Columbus Education Association documents and publishes video highlights of important happenings and events such as Capital Day. Click here to go to videos that can be viewed from CCS computers. Click here to go to the CEA YouTube Channel (blocked from CCS computers and the CCS computer network).

Teacher Talk

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