Speak Out: Waiting for "Superman"

The documentary film, Waiting for “Superman,” by producer Davis Guggenheim is scheduled to open in Columbus on Friday, Oct. 14. What are your thoughts about Waiting For “Superman”? Do you think this film will create a constructive or divisive dialogue about improving public education? Feel free to write a review if you have already seen the film!

Speak Out: Teachers trapped, troubled by district technology

The CEA Blog wants to know: What are some examples of how district technology is currently negatively impacting or affecting your ability to do your job at your workplace or at home?

84 percent of laid-off CEA members have been given recall notices

On Friday, Aug. 13, the administration of the Columbus City Schools confirmed to CEA President Rhonda Johnson that 96 of 113 CEA members that had been given layoff notices in late April have since been issued recall notices.