Brace yourself for attacks

Teachers, firefighters and police officers are some of the highest-trusted professionals in the United States. Despite this fact, we will be the target of an expensive and ugly political propaganda war waged by our enemies specifically designed to discredit us.

Welcome back!

We at the CEA are preparing for a great school year. However, we are starting on a bittersweet note. Seventeen teachers from Superintendent Harris’ layoff list remain reduced, and we continue to fight for their jobs. However, 96 teachers have been recalled to work (or declined positions), a slight victory for our vigilance.

84 percent of laid-off CEA members have been given recall notices

On Friday, Aug. 13, the administration of the Columbus City Schools confirmed to CEA President Rhonda Johnson that 96 of 113 CEA members that had been given layoff notices in late April have since been issued recall notices.